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Sangha retreat 2015


This years joint Sangha retreat with Buddhafield was a great success with 12 members of our Sangha joining other practitioners from the Triratna Buddhist Community.

The retreat was facilitated by Akasati, Shraddhadippa, Shantiikara, Sumana and Padmapriya. The them was on dreaming the new. We all have habitual patterns that no longer serve us and yet we continue to use them non the less. Through meditation, reflection and ritual individuals identified and in there own way ‘let go’ of what was limiting them.

The retreat was held under canvas on Dana basis. The simple conditions, friendship and communal practise was very inspiring.

i would like to propose that we hold another Sangha retreat next year. We could return to the Mill in France, Sacarest in Spain, join Buddhafield again or do something new.

One suggestion is we could hire a property from the National Trust or some other property and run our own retreat again. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Please let one of the team know your suggestions.

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