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Guhyaloka journal entry #1



I have now been back in Guhyaloka for almost a week and have tackled three of the six meals a week that I am scheduled to cook. Fortunately the mornings are my own so I have been making the most of the opportunity to engage with the practise of Chi-Kung (Qi-gong) as well as meditation.

There is a lovely sense of peace and stillness here and the community is very open and welcoming.

Vessantara and Saddhaloka (my public preceptor) are both out here and it is lovely to catch glimpses of them as I work and exchange a brief word here and there.

I climbed up to the Lotus garden, an area of rock that I graffitied with huge stylised lotuses when I was here on my Ordination retreat and they are still visible, if a little faded, six years on.

It is lovely to have had this opportunity to support future brothers in the order to be on this retreat. I am very much looking forward to their public ordinations next Monday.

Wishing you all well and happiness.


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