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Guhyaloka journal entry #2

Now that the ordinations are over I am looking forward to things settling down to something more routine. With the exception of the ordination weekend,when I seemed to spend three consecutive days in the kitchen, the mornings are my own.

Starting with some exercise, a mindful drink of tea, meditate, breakfast, qi-gong, meditate, more tea and more meditation until 1.30pm when I walk up the valley for lunch with the rest of the support team and then from 2.00pm to 6.00pm I am cooking. The numbers have dropped from 40 something to 31 a little easier but still quite a lot to do.

In the evenings I have been meditating, sometimes drawing, reading, or, at the moment, just watching the moon rise from behind the ‘whale’, a vertical face of rock somewhere between 400 – 500 feet in height.

Tea 2

Echo’s retort as dogs bark
Replies that last ten thousand years
Ghosts in their hundreds caress the valley walls
As a sultry full moon, rises over the secret valley

Early summer 2014

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