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Guhyaloka journal entry #3

imageI am now well into my last week cooking for the concluding ordination retreat here in Spain. In particular, the last two or three weeks have been a time of continuity, tranquility and clarity. The fruits of the second dhyana, that of a creative out pouring, deepened into something of a more insightful nature and with it a deepening faith in my chosen path.

There isn’t really much more I can say than that other than that it it is hard to won’t for more than the gift of clarity of purpose.

My purpose remains the same, to continue to live more and more from a place of spontaneity rather than determined by thoughts, emotions and the past. To be fully present in this moment, to be, this moment. To continue a life on a Dana basis and being of service to others.

I am grateful to all of you who have supported me in my lifestyle choices. Through practice of Thai Yoga Massage, gardening, decorating and odd jobs etc. A big thank you to those that support me through friendship and community at the Triratna East Surrey group, Heaven and of course to Sooz.

May all beings be well, happy and encounter that which helps them to grow and evolve.

Love Padmapriya x

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