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Coming soon!

imageComing soon!

Things tend to be a bit quiet through the month of August but the Triratna East Surrey community, meditation and Buddhism meetings on Thursday continue for your support.

On the 31st of August we will, all being well, have our next T.E.S. team meeting. If you have any points you would like to add to the Agenda please contact one of the team (currently, Jaqs, Chandra, Sooz, Kelvin, Paul, Steve, Robin, Dhruvamati and myself). We will endeavour to cover points as appropriate and feedback through the website blog and the newsletter. Any points not discussed will be moved to the next meeting. Be great to have some feedback from our community.

We would also like to draw your attention to two Life With Full Attention courses we hope to run in September.

The course is a thorough exploration of mindfulness in a very practical, pragmatic and relevant way. The course is suitable for anybody regardless of experience.

One course will be at the current home of T.E.S. i.e. Heaven in Nutfield, the second at the Buddhist Centre in Croydon. Please contact the relevant reception for details on course costs but in both cases the charge covers the accompanying course book, journal, refreshments and tuition. Heaven can be contacted on 01737 420102 and Croydon Buddhist Centre on 0208 688 8624 or email info@heaven-nutfield.com or info@buddhistcentrecroydon.org respectively.

If the last course is anything to go by spaces fill up quickly so if this is something you are interested in you know what you need to do 🙂

There is a men’s weekend at Padmaloka begining October 24th. These weekends are an opportunity to meet and mix with the wider Triratna Buddhist Community including members of the Ordination team. If you would like to attend and go as group please let us know and also whether you can offer or need a lift. If there is sufficient interest we could look into mini bus hire.

Looking forward to 2015 the team would like to hear your thoughts on what, if any, type of Sangha retreat you would like and when. Over the past four years we have been to the Mill in France twice, Sacarest in Spain and this year joined Buddhafield in the Ashdown Forest.

We could look at one of those again or do something entirely different. Your suggestions would be welcome your help to arrange would be amazing.

Much love to you all

The T.E.S. team

All events are posted on the events page both on the website and Facebook.

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