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T.E.S. team day updates

imageHello and welcome to this months updates from your local Buddhist community.

Just got back from a meeting with the team supporting Triratna East Surrey. What a lovely, inspired and harmonious group of individuals.

We met, enjoyed a chat and sunshine in the garden at Heaven before meditating. We each then took turns to report in on where we are and in particular in relation to the group.

It is always such an honour to witness individuals trials and successes and their inexorable move towards a healthier, happy way of living. Tales of courage, tales of a return to confidence, tales of appreciation and tales of return journeys. Thank you all for sharing.

Plenty of dates for your diary, pencils at the ready… Here we go.


T.E.S. retreat 2015.

Monday March 2nd – Sunday March 8th you can either arrive on Monday for the entire retreat or Thursday for the long weekend option. The venue will be Adhisthana, the cost including food will be £32 per person per night. We still have a healthy bursary should you be in need. Please let a member of the team know if you would like to come.

Theme has yet to be decided but is almost certainly going to involve both nature, silence and following your personal threads.


You can sign up here


T.E.S. Social.

Since it’s founding T.E.S. has, each year, had a social. An opportunity to meet their fellow travellers outside the context of the practise evenings. This year we are particularly excited to offer an opportunity to join us in individual flotation tanks for an hour, a wander along the Southbank followed by a meal in Woodlands, a vegetarian restaurant specialising in South Indian Cuisine, so yummy drooling already.

The date for your diary is Saturday October 18th. We will need to book the tables and floats so please R.S.V.P.

For more info on both…

You can sign up here


Moving on

It is with some sadness that we must say adieu to both Robin and Steve who are devoting there attentions to there own meditation group in Dorking and thus resign from the T.E.S team. Bon chance mon ami’s.

Robin hopes to join us on next years retreat so it’s more see you soon, than goodbye.


Next team meeting will be on Sunday December 7th. If you would like to bring to attention of the team any matter pertaining to your group then please contact, via the team, Chandra who will be chairing the next meeting.


Finally, an article that you might want to check out from Saturdays Telegraph around the proliferation of mindfulness ‘teachers’ and the pitfalls associated with not having enough experience or context with which to explore the potential fruits of such practise.


Make of it what you will.

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