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November Updates for T.E.S.

facebook_event_734604793261855Hello all,

Here’s hoping you are all well and happy.

Unfortunately, our social has to be postponed mainly because the float centre is in the process of moving but also the date doesn’t seem to fit too many schedules.

We will revisit this again at the next team meeting in December.

Thanks to all those who have expressed interest in the community retreat next year. So far there is few of us going but we can fit in a whole lot more. Please give some thought to attending this retreat. Retreats at a quality venue at this cost do not come along very often so you would do well to take advantage. As a reminder, the dates are from March 2nd – 8th or for a long weekend from the 4th – 8th at a cost of £32 a night including three vegan meals.

The names for the week I have are, in no particular order, Dhruvamati, Robin, Paul, Emma, Sylvia, Stretch, Padmapriya and Chandra. Sooz is sad to be missing it but will be going away for three months on her ordination retreat and needs to direct her resources to that. Kate is down for the long weekend.

If you are not on the list but would like to be please email me. If we do not get sufficient interest we may have to give up our option.

On the subject of Ordination, congratulations to Sooz on receiving her invitation to join the order. Long overdue I hear you all say!

It is a tradition for Buddhist communities to try to fundraise for the costs of ordination so if you feel moved and have the finances to do so please feel free to donate towards Sooz ordination fund, every little helps!

Also our very own Plinio has decided to enter the ordination process. What with Kelvin jogging along nicely too, hopefully, it won’t be too long before we will see a man from our community doing the same.

On the subject of fundraising we are also collecting for Buddhafield South. As some of you are aware, we have been holding retreats in Ashdown Forest for the past three years. In doing so we have had to borrow equipment from Buddhafield. Not only does this limit the number, duration and dates open to us there is the environmental impact of driving to Devon and back to pick up and return the equipment.

With this in mind we applied for and where fortunate enough to win a £1000 from the Triratna chairs assembly fund. Off the back of this and via facebook we have received a further £200 in pledges towards our target of £5000. If we achieve this we will be able to purchase a new tent and thus become self sufficient.

It’s never easy to part with hard earned cash, there are always things we would rather spend our money on but do those things offer the potential for personal and social change to large numbers? Do they offer real alternatives to mass consumerism? Can they heal the rifts in society? If not you might want to consider diverting your money to something that can. Buddhafield South would be a good place to start. You can pledge via Facebook or email. We will let you know where to send your money once the account is set up.

Wishing you all happiness and health.

T.E.S. team

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