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Congratulations to Paul

imageAbsolutely chuffed to bits that Paul has taken the step into the wider world and asked for Ordination within the Triratna Buddhist Order. This man already has so many good qualities to rejoice in and this can only extend and increase as he deepens and exemplifies his understanding of Buddhadharma.

May your journey to the other shore be swift and sure.

The Ordination process for both men and women in our movement is a way in which you can experience community, a deeper understanding of the Buddhas teaching and is a practise of going beyond ‘Self and other’ the false dualistic distinction that is the source of all suffering.

If you are interested in deepening your experience and enjoyment in this life then you might want to give some consideration to mirror Paul and Plinio in joining the Triratna movement.

In the first instance Girls talk to Sooz and blokes to Dhruvamati, Kelvin or Padmapriya.

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