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T.E.S. team meeting

Just returned from the TES team meeting and below are the points of interest. Chandra chaired the meeting. Those others present were Sooz, Paul, Dhruvamati and Padmapriya.

There was quite a lot to discus on this occasion so the meeting was quite business like although conducted in harmony and consensus.


Community Social

As some of you may remember we postponed our Social event in November with a view to reviewing it when we next met. In an effort to keep things simple it was agreed that we go for a meal locally one Thursday evening instead of having a practise night.

The date for your diary is Thursday January 29th, from 7:30pm at The Bell in Godstone. Hope to see you there.


Day retreat

We will be hoping to host a day event at Old Post on Sunday February 15th, a traditional Buddhist Festival called Parinirvana Day. Once we have confirmed the date and venue we will be able to give a few more specifics. Suffice to say, it will involve some meditation, community, a shared vegetarian lunch and a Puja (Devotional practise).

This is a Dana event i.e. take what you need and give what you can.

Suggested donations are £10 unwaged and £15 low wage and £20 waged.


Community folder

In an effort to keep our community appraised of events for supporting their practise there will be a folder with details of events, contact names and numbers, useful websites etc for you to peruse at any given event. If there is anything you think we should include that you would find helpful then please let us know.


Gifts from the TES fund

We are delighted to announce that it was agreed to offer some financial support to both Sooz, for her ordination retreat next year and to Buddhafield South East to the sum of £250 each.

Thank you for for all your donations.

In addition to funding venue hire we have, over the years, offered bursaries, subsidised retreats and now support for ordination and for setting up a new group. Indeed, we have come full circle as our own group was gifted money to purchase our first cushions and mats by the Southampton Buddhist Centre.


Requests to join the team
The TES team is still in its infancy and still exploring what it means to work as a team and how this manifests for the support of its community. At this time, it was felt that to introduce any new members would be inappropriate.

Thank you to those who have shown an interest in getting involved in this way and we will keep you posted as things progress.

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