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Within the Triratna Community it is a bit of a tradition that community members try to cover the inevitable costs that come along with attending the ordination retreats.

The first step in the Four Fold Path is generosity. It is generosity that underpins the spiritual life, it is a practise of going beyond self, it is both the begining, middle and end of a spiritual life.

There are many things more important than money, other ways of expressing generosity but on this occasion it is money that is required. However, even when raising funds we can bring Dharma practise to actions. We can create and foster community, mindfulness, inspiration and beneficial action. A manifestation of this is an Auction being held on Saturday March 14th at the Croydon Buddhist Centre.image

The motivation may be to make some money but the aspiration is to have a fun day for the local Buddhist Community. Please put this date in your diary and do your best to support this event but if not you can still take part by proxy or placing bids on items pre auction. We already have original pieces of art, complementary health treatments, clothing and much more besides. Check it out!

All the items being auctioned have and continue to be posted on Facebook as well as a catalogue being created nearer the time. There are also folders at both Croydon Buddhist Centre and the TES group.

If you have any items or services you can donate for Auction it will be very much appreciated.

Hope to see you there!

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