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Beware the drift towards superficiality!

On the Ordination retreat in 2008 Saddhaloka gave a short talk on what it means to be a member of the order and concluded his talk with a warning “Beware the drift towards superficiality!”image

The general sense of the Parinirvana Day Retreat was that of going beyond the customary superficiality of experience, an attempt to go beneath the surface veneer of modern life.

In moving towards the depths we began to experience for ourselves, to varying degrees, that there is an infinitely more beautiful, nourishing and ultimately satisfying experience bubbling away just under the surface gleam of superficiality.

It seems that very few individuals will give up what they have got unless they have something more nourishing to move towards. Hopefully sooner, possibly later, we may see that the constant acquisitions of things or satisfaction of sensory desire is ultimately self defeating only to realise that we already have what we need for our delight and nourishment. The addict constantly seeking to maintain a high or craving an even greater high. Round and round on a never ending wheel of unenlightened experience.

The image of the sea comes to mind, the froth of superficiality riding the waves and below, just below is a deep, satisfying peace and unity far more sustaining.


Thank you to all of those who came along to create such a wonderful opportunity to experience life more fully.

Oh!…and beware the drift to superficiality.


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