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Awareness of awareness retreat feedback



“It was amazing how much of a bond was formed with complete silence”

… Paul Cook.

“I don’t know how I ended up leading almost all the seated meditations. That was more in 48 hours than I usually do in a month and it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever done anything as intensive as that.  I wasn’t quite panicking, but it was quite a challenge.  I admit I spent half of each meditation working out what to do in the next one. Padmapriya somehow sneaked me into it without me noticing, but I’m glad he did because it’s given me more confidence that I can do it, at least adequately enough to make some people happy some of the time.

I know some of you were initially dubious about the silence but everyone took the retreat seriously and between us we created that wonderful sense of solidarity and support that enables a group of people to move mountains in a way that none of us can individually, and with almost no words spoken.  And I feel that this sense of solidarity and support we created at Adhisthana is going to become more tangible at Oldpost as well.”

… Dhruvamati


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