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It’s a family affair

The spiritual community is at the heart of Buddhist practise. Without it, we have little support and encouragement, guidance and example.

On Saturday 14th of March, Triratna East Surrey, Croydon Buddhist Centre, Hidden Gems, Buddhafield South East and Brixton community members came together as a spiritual family in an effort to raise funds for two of its sisters.
Whilst the centre piece of the afternoon was an Auction of items and services donated by people from around the local Triratna Communities and their friends there was home made soup and breads, plenty of tea, cakes and entertainment.
The whole day was themed around Alice in Wonderland with amazing costumes, nonsense poetry, a lot of ‘Tom foolery’ and was an inclusive, family affair with community members bringing along their children and partners too. ‘The Ace of Spades’ and ‘Ten of Diamonds’ where particularly wonderful.
imageToday’s family raised an amazing £2200 pounds in a about three hours to help support two women to defer the costs of their ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order and whilst this in and of itself is a huge achievement it was the sense of community, inclusive community, the spiritual family in its most positive sense that was the most inspiring.
If there is no joy in the spiritual life then there is no spiritual life! Buddhist practise and joy are synonymous. Greater joy, increased contentment, a deeper sense of connection to others are the markers of an effective spiritual life.
If raising £2200 isn’t enough…
imageAt a time when there are, at least in some areas of the movement, concerns around Sangharakshita’s eventual passing and his centrality to the Triratna family it was wonderful to note that his latest book raised the most. A staggering £400, yep! That’s 4 double 0 pounds.
The generous donee had this to say… “When you see what Sangharakshita  has done for The Dharma and the Triratna, this is the least I could do”.
Generosity is the beginning, the Middle and the final expression of the spiritual life. Generosity of spirit, generous in giving time, generosity of energy as well as financial generosity and thus would wish to rejoice in all of those who gave of themselves (the true definition of generosity) to help make this event so rich and so successful on so many levels.
Thank you all, for everything!

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