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Adios to Sooz

imageSooz is on her way, all being well she will arrive in Barcelona at lunchtime and then travel overland to Terragona for the evening before taking a 4×4 into the mountains on the last leg of what has, at least in one sense, been quite a long and eventful journey.

Over the next three months she will be living a monastic sort of life, exploring her experience and practicing Buddhadharma. At some point on this retreat we hope she will experience what we call spiritual death and spiritual rebirth (assuming she hasn’t already) and to mark the occasion she will be given a name that represents her qualities or qualities that she can aspire to.

Then, in a few short month, maybe she will return and then spend the rest of her natural life putting into practise, enriching and deepening her and others spiritual life.

We wish Sooz a safe journey, and inspiring retreat, a swift death and a magnificent rebirth. Bon voyage Sooz!

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