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A new begining

imageThe evening of Tuesday 21st April witnessed the first evening practise session at the new TES home at Lloyd Hall in Outwood. Whilst, it’s always dangerous to list names in case you miss someone it’s worth doing to give a snapshot of our wonderful Community.

So a big thank you to the TES team of Sooz, Chandra, Dhruvamati, Paul and Kelvin who helped find and agree so harmoniously on the move.

A big thanks to Jo at Lloyd Hall for all her invaluable assistance.

Thanks to Paul and Dhruvamati for giving up there Sunday evening to help transfer the TES ‘stuff’ from Old Post. Thank you to the shrine team (the men’s GFR group) for their efforts on the shrine and in particular Plinio for his generous Loan of his wonderful rupa.



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Thanks to the lovely and talented Shantikara for his lovely presence and sympathetic drumming.

Thank you to Carolyn, Jan and Sylvia for putting on a wonderful selection of food. image

Thanks to Dhruvamati and Plinio who are making up any difference between the evenings Dana and the venue hire.

And, finally, but most importantly, thank you to everyone who came along to help celebrate this occasion.

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