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Introducing Bodhimala

imageFirst reports on ex Susies new name are starting to filter down from the Spannish mountains.

Bodhimala – she who is garlanded with enlightenment. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!


Unfortunately the ladies do it different to the guys so still no photographs (photo now added) of Bodhimala but Vijayasri has kindly given some thoughts on the name she chose.

Susie Dakini becomes Bodhimala- garlanded with Enlightenment.

There are two parts to her name- firstly ‘Bodhi’ – Enlightenment or Awakening.

This is the most essential goal of the Dharma life! Bodhimala has, for many years, had a very simple, straightforward and innate wish to lead a spiritual life. It isn’t complicated for her, and she sets up conditions to support it, living simply, with few wants.

She has for a longtime wanted to integrate her work and practice, and previously she worked in a care home, bringing metta and kindness to the care of the elderly. Then the opportunity arose to be part of a team to set up a new Right Livelihood charity shop in Croydon- Hidden Gems.

Bodhimala was one of the bold and enterprising women who rose to the challenge. She has revealed herself as a woman of action- with energy and initiative, and she brings team building skills to the business. She has a well developed ability to combine truthfulness with kindly speech- kindness is one of her most cherished ideals.

There is another word which contains ‘Bodhi’ and that is Bodhicitta. Bodhimala is passionately inspired by the ideal of working in teams of friends to create the conditions for the arising of Bodhicitta.

The second part of her name is ‘mala’. This signifies that she can wear her responsibilities and inspirations lightly and gracefully, so that they will not become heavy or burdensome. It could be a garland of flowers, or maybe a garland of gems, now not so hidden!

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