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Getting out of your mind and into experience

imageIf enlightenment is, as we are told, a very deep and very profound ‘letting go’, what is it we are ‘letting go’of? What are we letting go in to?

‘The Way of Energy’ offers us an alternative perspective and way of engaging with experience without the usual filters of thoughts, preferences and emotions.

On the forthcoming event of the same name we will be exploring, through the Energy/Tantric precepts, moving and seated meditation, how ‘The Way of Energy’ relates to and can be an expression of, the Triratna system of meditation.

The event is on Sunday, August 30th. You can join us for the whole day from 10:00am (spaces limited – please book via Croydon Buddhist Centre), or just, for what we hope will be, an energetic Puja with instrumental accompaniment, Sangharakshitas poems sung by Sumana and friends (Possibly a live appearance), no booking required just arrive between 3:00pm for a 3:15pm start.

So join us in getting out of our minds and into our experience.

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