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We need you!

imageThe Triratna East Surrey team met for there quarterly meeting on Sunday 26th. The full minutes of the meeting are available to any who attend or have an interest in the group or its activities.


Dhruvamati had attended the Southern area meeting for Triratna groups and from there feedback and the TES experience it seems that, whilst there where still people coming along that are new to meditation, there where increasing numbers of individuals who had some experience of meditation and where primarily looking for a community of like minded individuals.


With this in mind TES will over the next year begin to explore ways in which we might be able to meet this need.


It is the intention to run more day retreats next year, possibly 7/8 on various themes, in addition to the Sunday Study group, Monday men’s GFR group and the Tuesday drop in (although we may close over Xmas and the summer holidays next year).
Themes may include a community cook up and feast, Write a Haiku challenge, Community ramble, Silent Meditation day, Community art day, Music and dance etc.


Your suggestions and feedback would be most welcome.
We would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who would like to head up/organise a team one or more days. We would like to produce a leaflet with our complete activities for 2016 by the end of September so any offers, suggestions et would need to be in by no later than August 31st.


imageIn the first instance please send your communications to Padmapriya who will, at least initially, be acting as a central point of contact.


On another point, whilst we appreciate that it is the holiday season it would be lovely to make greater use of the wonderful space we have on Tuesday evenings. If you can get along, we would love to see you. If we are to make the community you need We Need You!

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