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Art and Buddhism

Hadn’t experienced anger like that in a long time… This came up, the process seems relevant and things are shifting.

Over the years art has been a major part of the spiritual process, both as inspiration, practise and method.

Next year TES is looking to run an event on this way/subject and hope to include brief essays from individuals on there own process related to art, to put together an exhibition of sorts and even run a workshop for people to try.

Art isn’t just painting there are many mediums, dance, poetry, sculpture. Possibly maybe even most importantly, life can be, can become, an art?

Would you like to be involved? Can you help? If so we are looking to create a team to ‘make it happen’. In the first instance please contact Padmapriya.

You don’t have to be Buddhist, you don’t have to be associated with Triratna, you do not need to be a professional. All that is required is a passion for Art and an open mind to Buddhism.

With this in mind please feel free to extend this invitation beyond the TES community, to any and all you feel have or maybe are interested in art.

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