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Keep it simple

image2500 years ago Gautama Shaykamuni attained enlightenment and shortly after Buddhadharma – ‘Awakened truth’ was born. A teaching on how to go beyond the unnecessary suffering/frustration inherent in a human life.

Buddhadharma can be simple (simple but profound), difficult or hard. It is your choice and there are teachings to fit all individual predilections.

When a king asked the essence of Buddhadharma he was told, cease to do evil, try to do good and purify the mind.

When asked what is needed most to practise the spiritual life Sangharakshita suggested… to ‘simplify life’ and, when asked sometime later, what then?…‘ to simplify mind.’

Maybe four words practised wholeheartedly, mindfully and with all your being is all that is necessary.

Simple, difficult or hard! It’s your choice.


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