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R.I.P (reserved in person)

Last month saw the Oxted and Edenbridge show. A neighbour braved the weather and felt drawn to a rather untrodden part of the event tucked away in the corner of a field.

The Eden Valley Wimageoodland Burial Ground offer a natural, affordable and environmentally desirable option for burial.

He gave me a leaflet and on Saturday 12th September Bodhimala and Padmapriya went to choose a spot for their burials.

“Right from the moment I heard about this option, something seemed to relax and a jubilation came over me. Not sure what that is all about but we both decided to go along and book a couple of plots “.

They have named two Oaks ‘Bodhi’ and ‘Padma’ and we are to be buried betwixt the two. Even got to dance on my own grave, not something everyone can claim to have done.

This option has to be considered by the ethically minded, having a minimum impact on the environment as well as preserving a protected corner of countryside for life to thrive and grow naturally with minimal intervention from man.

Your un-embalmed body (No nasty poisonous cimagehemicals) can be put in a biodegradable coffin or, as was Padmapriyas choice, a shroud (which he will decorate) and buried in a hand dug grave (Which your celebrants can dig) and instead of headstones, wild-flowers or a tree can be planted.

“The teaching of the Buddha is a natural philosophy. It’s truths so evident in all of nature, impermanence, transformation and rebirth. What a lovely way to celebrate life and Buddhadharma”.

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