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If you go down in the woods today.

imageOn Sunday 20th September Triratna East Surrey hosted a joint sangha event at the beautiful Lloyd Hall in Outwood. We had a mixture of people from various Sanghas including Croydon, Brixton, West Kent and East Surrey.

We were very fortunate with the weather which meant we could enjoy some energising body work in the woods and some Qigong in an open imagefield close to Lloyd Hall. I do wonder what the local dog walkers thought of what was going on!

After a morning of walking and gentle exercise we had built up a good appetite and what a fantastic feast we had! There was such an impressive assortment of flavours. Thank you to everyone.

After lunch Amarapuspa led us in a gentle reflection contemplating the inconceivable nature of things. We then had an opportunity to find something to just look at without the label and we concluded the day with a three fold puja.

imageFor me I really enjoyed being able to practise outdoors connecting with the earth and under the beautiful green canopy of the trees and, later in the sunshine with my shoes off, connecting with the spacious skies in the green field. I really appreciated having time in the afternoon to reflect and just look without the label. I was drawn to the colour of a leaf (yellow) and then laying under a tree looking upwards at the leaves. I was struck by a sense of each individual leaf, so beautiful in its own right, and then all the leaves creating this beautiful thing I call a tree (trying not to label these objects but just look). I’m still working out the significance of the reflection, but I wonder if it’s something to do with each person having there own beauty however something else is created when many imagepeople (sangha) come together. Something more beautiful is created collectively something that can’t be experience alone. Hmm I will continue to ponder this. A great, great day. Thank you all………… Bodhimala xxx

There is nothing quite like practising energy work (Qi-Gong) in nature. Practising firstly in a wooded glade and then in a spacious imagemeadow there was a strong sense of both earth and heavenly Qi respectively. And if that wasn’t enough the human Qi present seemed to grow from the community the moment we ducked into the trees. For me a wonderful, beautiful day of connection and harmony…… Padmapriya xx


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