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Inconveivable, wondrous, great!

Here is an example of the spontaneous arising of wisdom rather than knowledge.

imageWhilst on a walk with attendees of the The Joint Communities day retreat there was a strong attraction to a plant not previously seen. A lovely variegated grass with a rhizomatous stem that looks like the tail of a horse.

That morning had been partially spent bemoaning the fact that a particular stomach complaint hadn’t gone after some months of discomfort and there was a sense of asking the universe for some assistance.

It turns out the plant that caught attention has been used for centuries by Greeks, Roman and Chinese herbalists for its health benefits and in particular, ‘Horses tail’ turns out to be a remedy for this ailment.

At one time this sort of occurrence would seem amazing even a little spooky but really it is just a product of awareness, of emptiness. Indeed the deeper one courses in the empty nature of all things the more one opens to these magics and mysteries.

The true nature of experience is, truly, quite inconceivable.

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