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Wisdom rising

imageWhat is insight? How does it manifest? How can we best utilise it.

The ‘open dimension of being’ is the natural state of mind when you get your ‘stuff’, your conditioning, your filters, out of the way and perceive what is really happening not what you think or wish is happening. It’s product is Wisdom! Insight! Visionary! Intuitive!

So it’s October 7th around midnight. Awake and possessed with an inspirational idea. Your conditioning tells you to go back to sleep but part of you is drawn on and the idea expands, reaches out, forms and reforms. The idea has a life of its own. All the time you can just let it flow it expands constantly refining stopping only when it wants or, and possibly more likely, when you close off and start trying to have a conscious influence over the process, when your ego appropriates the flow.

So insight is your true nature; insight is constantly manifesting; the best way to utilise it is get your ‘self’ out if the way. Insight is the obvious, appropriate and spontaneous action that arises from perceiving reality clearly, as it is. It is the ‘function’ of the open dimension of being, the open dimension being its ‘form’.

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