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Team based right livelihood opportunity

After working and volunteering in Hidden Gems (and Lamas Pyjamas), I can really see the benefits of working in a Team Based Right Livelihood (communication, building friendship, common vision, inspiring and supporting each other to name a few).

imageSo I wondered if anyone would be interested in forming a TBRL /Buddhist Collective offering ‘Earthcare’ Services – this could be whatever we want it to be; gardening, garden coaching, Ecotherapy, outdoor meditations, Deep Ecology workshops, Permaculture design and workshops but our main place of work would be outdoors, with people and in nature.

I have qualifications and experience in gardening and applied Permaculture Design so would like to team up with people who have overlapping or complementary skills and abilities so we can offer a range of services.

facebook_event_419959941522637I have no money at this stage to guarantee anyone an income but envisage starting small, perhaps as a group of self-employed people, supporting ourselves but meeting one day a week and building on that. Funding for free courses is a possible source of income too.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further!

With metta

Ruth Robinson

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