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TES team meeting – feedback

Today your TES team met and below are the principle points of interest.

Firstly, we would all like to thank Chandra for her wonderful support over the past few years, seeing us through finding and moving to our new premises. Unfortunately the move made it difficult for her to maintain regular contact with the Tuesday group, with a new job and writing a book on Mindfulness for parents and children she has had to take a break from being part of the team. We look forward to her possibly rejoining us in the not too distant future if willing.

imageThis year we have decided not to meet on Tuesday, December 22nd and December 29th but will be back to normal from the 5th of January. We also discussed closing for the summer months when numbers dropped but at least for 2016 we will again offer a drop in class each and every Tuesday evening at Lloyd Hall, Brickfield Lane.

Dhruvamati, attended the Southern groups meeting earlier this year and brought back news of general trends locally. The main point was the desire for community as much as meditation and in an effort to respond to this we came up with eight themed day retreats and two pop up vegan restaurants to encourage new friends.

Please put the dates in your diary and in particular, book your ticket for the pop-up restaurant evenings. In addition we have two new options for interested individuals to get involved in Dharma study. Firstly from February next year we will offer the opportunity for people to join the Foundatimageion Year which forms part of the Triratna Mitra study course which can lead to Ordination, or six week courses on a particular Dharmic theme such as the Wheel of Life, the noble eightfold path etc.

Over the next few weeks we will offer opportunities for you to confirm your interest in either or both and dependent on the outcome we will look to begin one or both projects early next year. Keep an eye out the sign up sheet on Tuesday evenings.

We are always looking for new members so if you can distribute, display or otherwise encourage new people to come long and try the group it will help secure its continuation into the future.

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