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The Heart Of Art

At Sunday 22nd’s team meeting for the July 2016 Art festival a name for the project emerged… The Heart of Art.

We are now moving forward with firming up a program, designing some promotional literature and inviting individuals to participate by exhibiting there work.

imageIf you have a piece, be it a drawing; painting; small sculpture etc that you would like to share with others, or, can produce a piece by no later than the 1st of June then please contact, in the first instance, Padmapriya to register your support/interest.

Potentially we can display up to 70 pieces at the Croydon Clocktower and possibly more at the Croydon Buddhist centre.

Its still not too late to offer other projects you may like to run under the overall ‘umbrella’ of the project so if you want to get involved we need to hear from you no latter than December 21st.

If this event is to go ahead in any meaningful way now would be a great time to hear from you.

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