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Last chance!

The last chance to join us for the Pop-up restaurant will expire on February 21st. There is also a lot of talk about last chances to effect global change, last chance for peace in the Middle East and so on. If you are interested in either then please read on and most importantly take action!

‘Engaged Buddhism’ is a general term used for active participation with local communities to help promote positive social change with Buddhist principles of non-harm, wisdom, compassion and tolerance.

Many people have said how disempowered they feel and, in particular, how do we address the global problems of our time specifically global warming, over population, equality and so on.

Eating Vegan or even vegetarian meals a few days a week is generally accepted as one of the most fundamental changes we can make to our lifestyles that will have a radical impact on the world as a whole.

It would reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals, it would reduce the demand for grazing land and the associated pressures on our forests which has numerous positive effects.

imageEating Vegan/vegetarian is empowering as we can make a genuine and global difference. Some reports go so far as to state that if individuals where to go vegan in sufficient numbers it could see the end to global warming and the horrors associated with it. That’s something to think about!

The pop-up vegan restaurant is an attempt to raise awareness of the above, to show that vegan food can not only be an ethical choice but a healthy and tasty one to.

For your last chance, to book, click here!

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