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Buddhadharma Discussion group

The Wheel of Life is a symbolic representation of Buddhist philosophy and can cover all sub topics such as the five skandhas,the four noble truths, impermanence, the root poisons, karma and rebirth the list goes on.

We cannot hope to cover all that this rich and enduring teaching of the Buddha from his ‘first turning of the wheel’ but we are offering you an opportunity to at least scratch it’s surface.

imageOn Monday evenings from March 7th, at Shantisthana (the home of Bodhimala and Padmapriya) in Lingfield, Padmapriya will, for six consequtive weeks, facilitate discussion (that is to say… provide tea and biscuits) in exploring the Wheel of Life.

‘The Wheel of Life was the first course of Buddhist study I engaged with. Over the years its appeal remains and is a constant source of treasure

The Wheel of Life is the first attempt of the newly enlightened Buddha Shakyamuni to explain his experience. Whilst many discourses and commentaries have followed they offer little that wasn’t present in this original Buddhist teaching. It offers a comprehensive statement of the Buddhist view on the human condition and ways in which we can become healthier, happier and ultimately, enlightened.

If you would like to join us for this adventure then please sign up as soon as possible as places will probably have to be limited due to the size of our living space. You must be able to attend 5 out of the 6 weeks including the first week to really benefit from this activity.

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