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Triratna East Surrey – team meeting update

Sunday 24th saw yet another beautiful gathering of your Triranta East Surrey team. Hospitably hosted by Paul, the underfloor heating was most welcome to cold toes, at his home in Merstham.

The meeting was chaired by Paul and minutes taken by Bodhimala and are available should you wish to see an expanded view of this post.

Firstly, it is with great pleasure that we can welcome Silvia to the team. Silvia has been a wonderful and regularimage presence at the East Surrey Group for some time now. She has been involved with the Foundation Study group with Dhruvamati and brings a lot of energy and passion. I hope she will forgive me the choice of photo!

The finances are just about covering the cost of hiring the hall and numbers seem to be averaging a little higher than has been the case. We knew that we would loose a few people in the move to Outwood which is a shame but we hope that we are beginning to build a new core group in Outwood. We can always take a few more so please don’t be shy, whilst reading and meditating is helpful you cannot really experience the dharma unless you get involved.

We have been approached by both RH and TN uncovered as well as the Surrey Mirror for articles on our events so keep an eye out for them.

We are and will continue to look at ways to connect to other local Triratna communities in particular those at Croydon, Brixton, West Kent and Lewes. Our location at Outwood offers a quite unique opportunity/experience that we are keen to share with others which is particularly true of the day retreats.

If Silvia joining us wasn’t enough we had another request to join the TES team from Chevonne. Chevonne goes back to the very early days of the group at Heaven in Nutfield. Always keen and always benefiting from her practise but a little restricted due to travel and family constraints which, fortunately, have eased somewhat. It was unanimously agreed that she join the team. I take a lot of personal pleasure in seeing Chevonne taking this step to go a little deeper… Sadhu! (well done)!

The TES program is completed and both Kelvin and Paul have taken on spreading the printed brochure around. If you want any yourself then please ask a member of the team.

Our next team meeting is set for 17th April 2016, to be chaired by Bodhimala with minutes taken by Padamapriya. Please let us have any agenda points you wish discussed by the end of March.




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