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The Wheel Of Becoming

imageThe wheel of becoming or, as it is also and possibly more often called, the Wheel Of Life is a symbolic representation of the human condition. A symbolic reflection of the unenlightened mind. Bhavacakra is made up from two words cakra meaning Wheel and Bhava meaning to become.

This symbolic representation is attributed to the Buddha Sakyamuni and was an attempt to communicate his profound realisation. This depiction was used to teach farmers and kings, the illiterate and the educated, the young and the old.

Tradition holds that the Buddha himself encouraged the drawing of this teaching and it can be found outside the entrance to almost every Tibetan monastery.

imageThe wheel of becoming is probably the most enduring, complete and universally understandable teaching of the Buddha. It is the first teaching I received, it is a teaching that constantly deepens, it is the teaching I offer to others who are interested and there really isn’t much it doesn’t cover from the Buddhist perspective as I understand it to be.

Whether your interest is in Karma and rebirth, the 5 Skandha’, root poisons, the spiral path, the 4 noble truths etc it’s all here.

imageFrom March 7th we will be running a six week course exploring this enduring symbol in the traditional manner. Each week we will draw out and explore the images and there symbolism.

The course is being held at the home of Bodhimala and Padmapriya in Lingfield. Places are limited so please communicate your interest in advance. This is a Dana event. Each evening starts at 7:30pm and should finish around 9:30pm.

(To benefit from this course you will need to be able to attend at least 5 of the six weeks.)


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