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Awareness to insight

Friday 24 June – Sunday 26 June

led by Vajradevi
with Dharmakara, Dharmavandana, Karunabala, Padmavajri and Vimokshaja

A Regional weekend retreat for Order Members and Mitras
at Kench Hill in Kent.

Love is the experience of a mind that is free. But how do we free the mind and what have mindfulness and right view got to do with it? Come and find out. Using awareness as a transformative tool that frees us from habitual mind allowing simple presence, joy and equanimity with whatever arises.

Share in meditation, collective rituals, dialogue, meals, silence and more.

About Vajradevi
Vajradevi was ordained in 1995. She has worked predominantly within Triratna Team based Right Livelihood,
in the Cherry Orchard Vegetarian Restaurant, as secretary to the women Public Preceptors and Centre Director at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre.

For seven years she spearheaded the ‘Aranya’ Project, fundraising and searching for the property that women now get ordained on 3 month retreats in Spain – Akashavana.During much of this time she has pursued a love of Satipatthana, an approach that brings together the Buddha’s teaching on Mindfulness with key dharma teachings (like the skandhas and 4 Noble Truths) forming a direct wisdom path.

To this end she has participated in many retreats in the US and Burma with teachers such as Joseph Goldstein and Sayadaw U Tejaniya.

She has been teaching what she’s learned at Buddhist Centres and retreats since 2002.

£120 Full price /£100 low wage /£80 unwaged concession

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