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News in Brief

imageWhat a month! It wasn’t that long ago we where holding Parinirvana day and whilst different in content and size the day retreat on Team based right-livelihood and the subsequent pop-up vegan cafe was an equally great experience.

The final tally was a round 50 for the TES pop up vegan restaurant.

The event seemed to go well. No doubt there are bits that people liked, bits they didn’t and stuff in between. Similarly imagethere are probably things we did well, some not so well and a lot in between. What was clear was a sense of harmony and community to the event and the prime objective, to have; promote; and support vegan food as an option or lifestyle choice was very much in evidence.


Looking at the clean plates the titbits team seemed to have excelled and we are very grateful for there time and efforts.

We where very fortunate to two brave individuals in Sam and Eleanor who got up on stage who offered very polished image performances on a volunteer bases. Similarly, on a volunteer basis, Ratnadhya performed some songs from one of his one man shows to conclude.

Lloyd Hall is a great venue but the kitchen doesn’t really support the preparation of 50+ meals so, assuming we go ahead with the September pop-up, the numbers will be limited to 40. If you want to take advantage of the early bird rate the tickets are available now.

imageAlso we are hoping that the next feast might also include celebrating one, two or maybe even three mitra ceremonies.

If you feel you would like to become a mitra, to declare yourself to be attempting to practise the Buddhist path, at least provisionally then please contact either Bodhimala or Padmapriya for more information.

You will also see an additional event just added to our calendar exploring different ways of engaging with Buddhadharma both through tea and through tree (see below for more details) or click here.

We will be having our next TES team meeting soon so any points you would like to raise should be passed to Bodhimala April 10th for discussion the following week.

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