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Day retreat in review

image“Given that almost everyone’s life includes an economic dimension, work and career need to be integrated into life as a Buddhist. Most of us spend the majority of our waking lives at work, so it’s important to assess how our work affects our mind and heart. How can work become meaningful? How can it be a support not a hindrance to spiritual practice — a place to deepen our awareness and kindness?” Buddhistcentre.com

Sunday 20 March Mokshadarshini and I led an afternoon on everyday mindfulness at Lloyd Hall. We were particularly interested in how we take practise off the cushion and into our lives, whatever conditions we have, whatever we spend our time doing.image

The day consisted of some ritual, meditation and opportunity for discussion. Ritual is one way of engaging the emotions and the imagination It’s also an opportunity to set our intention. It was lovely to share the day with so many friends from both Croydon and Triratna East Surrey. Most of those who attended the afternoon stayed on and helped set up for the vegan meal in the evening. What a delicious and tasty end to a great afternoon.

Bodhimala xx

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