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This Being…


The Wheel of Life course concluded yesterday evening and, on the whole, it seems the aim has been met.

The group engaged with the exercise not just from the intellect but from the heart and from experience. Taking the generalities offered from the Wheel but reflecting upon its manifestation within life.

To see the truth of a thing you must be the thing.

The last two evenings seemed to have a very strong effect. Talking of what it might mean to travel the spiral path and answering the question from the first evening i.e. Do we believe that life is suffering? The individual representations of the wheel and the general sense was that, to a greater or lesser degree, it was.

On accepting this first Noble truth, maybe, it can be said that the individual has taken the first and probably the greatest step on the path.

During the course, Jack and Silvia recognised that there lives are being drawn to Buddhadharma and have both requested to become friends/Mitra’s within the Triratna context and we look forward to their Mitra ceremonies in the not too distant future. Sadhu!

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