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T.E.S. team meeting April 2016

imageJust back from another lovely gathering of the T.E.S. Team. It’s great to have such engaged, energetic and ‘up for it’ individuals to share the running of the group.

As far as we know, the Buddha Shakyamuni never suggested the setting up of institutions to convey his teaching. On the contrary he suggested that one should go to somewhere where there is no Buddhadharma and spread his teaching to anyone who is of the mind to learn.

As some may know the Guildford, Redhill, Heaven, Nutfield, East Surrey group has had several incarnations and thus, in our own small way have tried to emulate the Buddha and his followers.

facebook_event_1712210072332067We now find ourselves with a great, central location i.e. Lloyd Hall and rather than giving up this wonderful space we have decided to try outreach programs from Lloyd Hall. In practise this means that we will offer to go out to small local groups who are interested in Buddhism, Mindfullness and/or meditation and run six week courses and then, if wanted, to visit them once a month to offer fresh input. Ideally all the groups could come together at Lloyd Hall for day retreats, festivals or the drop-in classes. We have already have a potential opportunity in Westerham but if you know of anyone or would like to set-up such a group for those currently not attending T.E.S. then mention it to Padmapriya or a member of the team.

Due to the day retreat leader requiring payment the team decided to cancel the day retreat scheduled for May the 8th. Instead, it was agreed, that we would promote another event happening on the 7th of May at the nearby Herons Centre in Lingfield, Surrey. The Herons centreimage are offering an opportunity to come together to experience a Tea Ceremony, meditation and an introduction to Bonsai surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden. For more details see our page or the Herons website.

The Wheel of life course concluded and the Mitra study course continues. A new module is due to start on May the 8th so if you are interested in getting the Buddhist context then please contact Dhruvamati. Bodhimala is also hoping to offer a women’s day that might become a regular fixture if there is sufficient support. If you want to explore the Dharma with like minded women then please contact Bodhimala.

imageDuring the course both Jack and Silvia decided to become friends of the T.E.S. community. Sadhu (Well done!) to you both. We await your response to when and where you would like your ceremonies to be held.

You may recall that the rationale behind the increased number of day retreats was in response to comments made at a meeting of group facilitators and the view that what people wanted most is community. Ou r response was to try to increase the opportunities to meet and thus the sense of community. The turn-out at the last two day retreats wasn’t as high as we hoped it might be so we are starting to think of returning to our residential retreat format in 2017. Your thoughts on this, together with venues and retreat facilitators would be welcome. Pass your thought on to any team member.

From all the TES team… Be well!


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