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Last chance! – only a FEW spaces left

imageDue to the cancellation of our proposed day retreat at Lloyd Hall on May 8th we have managed to find an alternative community activity at the nearby Herons Centre in Newchapel, Lingfield.

This is a very special event! Possibly even unique.

Did you know that both the Art of Bonsai and the Tea Ceremony have their roots in Buddhist practise? A specimen Bonsai invokes higher states of consciousness i.e. Tranquility, beauty, Mindfullness, appreciation, serenity and naturalness as well as offering us glimpses of the true nature of reality. In the case of the Tea Ceremony what imagestarted as a stimulant to keep meditators awake during meditation graduated into and Art form in its own write and a Mindfull and meditative practice. We probably spend more time drinking tea than we ever spend on a cushion so imagine the increase in practise opportunities that comes from an understanding of this art.

Although this event is being hosted and run by Herons and there is a small charge for the day. Money should never be a reason for not attending an event that you feel you may benefit from and to this end the T.E.S. team have made available our bursary funds should you need any financial assistance in order to attend.

imageBook now! Places are limited as is time. The event starts at 10:00am May 7th and concludes around 4:00pm. There will, in addition to the above, be meditation, a shared vegetarian lunch and an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere I the Japanese Garden.

Price include a starter tree to take away, all teas, instruction in all disciplines.

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