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T.E.S. Outreach – Westerham

imageAs part of the T.E.S. outreach program, initiated at the last team meeting, we take pleasure in confirming our first six week course introducing meditation at Westerham in Kent.

Joelma recently contacted the group about learning to meditate. In response we offered to provide a suitable facilitator if she could get together half a dozen people or so. She did this in short time so on Wednesday 11th of May (for six consequtive weeks) from 9:45am to 11:15am we will be meeting to explore the art of meditation together.

Joelma has kindly opened her house for this event and may be able to accommodate another 1 or 2 people so if you are free, find it a challenge to get to the Tuesday evening group at Outwood, then please contact us asap. Numbers are limited so it will be first come, first served.

facebook_event_1440759289516246Alternatively, can you get 6 or so people together? find a space to meet? We could offer you a similar program or if you want to know more about Mindfullness, or Buddhism there are also six week courses for both, specifically, Life with Full Attention and the Wheel Of Life.

Each of these courses are designed to standalone or build towards a solid foundation should you wish to take things a little deeper.

All courses are run on a Dana basis. Interested? In the first instance, contact Padmapriya.

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