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What a great day!

Over the past ten years we have run many dharma events and each one has been special in its own unique way but today’s retreat was just great in a way that defies category, metaphor or allegory… Still sitting here somewhat blasted a few hours later.

Peter Chan emimagebodied and communicated the subtleties of Wabi – Sabi in a way that I have never heard/connected to before. Familiar but at the same time invocative of something so much deeper, more beautiful.

We took that experience into a practical application by making a Bonsai each. Each bringing there own expression of their glimpse of the art form.

During a break for lunch we enjoyed the stunning Japanese garden surrounding the Herons centre.

We were able to get a glimpse of the Art of tea with the irrepressible Prabhasrava. Who new that tea drinking could be a mind altering art form. Prabhasrava mentioned that he had drunk teas that placed him in a dhyanic state although open to that possibility the actual experience converted any lingering scepticism. As a few who tried to talk to me afterwards found out the claims where not empty.

It was lovely to be on retreat with some familiar faces and also to meet some new ones too. Thank you all so much for contributing to such a wonderful day.

If you didn’t manage to get on this day retreat there maybe an opportunity to do so later this year although if the straw poll is anything to go by you will need to be quick to secure a space.

If you want to experience Prabashvara and his teas then, provisionally, he will be joining us for our man-tangles day retreat at Lloyd Hall on July 24th.

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