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You are not this body/mind, nor are you not this body/mind!

As the Buddhist path unfolds you cannot help but become aware of paradox upon paradox. Things that appear opposite and separate with no common ground resolve themselves into a non dual awareness of the truth. The above statement is an example of just such a paradox but many others can be found e.g. Self and other, right and wrong, Eternalism and Nihilism etc.

The practitioners of the Gongan (Koan) found in the Chan/Zen traditions cultivated paradox in an effort to free themselves of the dual perspective and open themselves to wisdom.

imageThis paradoxical approach to realisation is well documented in the Blue Cliff records which document dialogues, typically between a master and pupil, which somehow moves the pupil from there unenlightened dualistic perspective to an enlightened one.

Similarly, in the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra Vimalakirti attempts to move Arhats and Bodhisattvas from their limited understanding to greater understanding and full, complete enlightenment.

For one to take a position in a dualistic argument the context is all important. It is the very fact that positions can change, dependant on the context, that one comes to the realisation that there are very few absolutes. Thus, one lets go of dualism and comes to rest in an unmediated perspective. A perspective that there isn’t a right or a wrong, in an absolute sense, only that which is appropriate to that particular context.

Once we get our dualistic perspective of any given situation out of the way we begin to see clearly and the appropriate action will manifest quite naturally. This arising is, what we call, wisdom.

One can use the traditional ‘Dharma doors’ of the Vimalkirti Nirdesa or the Koan of Chan Buddhism or life’s everyday dualities. The later possibly the most effective.

imageWhenever one comes across opposites and particularly ones which we are emotionally and intellectually invested in are great material for finding the non dualistic perspective. If you can’t find one you can investigate our opening statement… You are not this body/mind but nor are you not this body/mind!

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