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News in breif

imageYour TES team met today.

In response to the recent fall in attendance the decision to close the group on Tuesday evenings for the month of August has been taken with an intention to restart in September.

Day retreats must now be booked in advance and in a timely manner as a decision to run the day will be made two weeks prior to the event.

This system also includes the Pop-up vegan restaurant and the Tea and tree day.

If numbers continue as they are it is likely that we will need to give up our residency at Lloyd Hall and look at other ways in which we can meet and practise the path to liberation.

imagePadmapriya will be taking a year out from the TES group (outreach and Kalyanamitrata commitments remain unaffected) next year and as such individuals willing to take on aspects of the group would be most appreciated. If you want to help/get involved, have skills in promotion Facebook and blogging we would love to hear from you.

”Over the past year or so I have been taking less of an up-front role in the TES group and have worked to establish links with surrounding communities to offer the best and widest possible context for your continued development.

Whilst I will still be responding to out reach requests and honouring Kalyanamitrata commitments I will be taking a break from the day to day running of the TES group. I will be looking to deepen personal experience in Buddhist Qigong as well as being receptive to an ongoing path”.

imageBodhimala and some of the women from your community are due to have there inaugural meeting on August 7th in Lingfield, from 1:00pm. If you are interested in taking your dharma life deeper with other like minded women then please contact her.

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