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Local Communities Day Retreat


Three of your community have been deepening both their friendships and understanding of Buddhadharma and, at least for the time being, have decided to take the next step by declaring themselves as Buddhists.

Going for refuge to the three jewels is the central act of any Buddhist. What one is saying is that, at least provisionally, I believe the the cessation of suffering can be found through following the Buddhas path.

Rituals are great ways to reinforce intentions giving them a strength and unconscious power so, within a ritual context, one offers three gifts/offerings to the Buddha (the ideal of enlightenment) the Dharma (the teaching that leads to enlightenment) and the Sangha (the community of Buddhists and in particular the Triratna Spiritual Community).

Please come along and support/celebrate your friends in this most significant of steps.

The Heron centre 10:00 am for a 10:15 start. Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share. The bonsai shop will be open so if you are looking for gifts there is incense, rupa’s, cards and if course Bonsai for sale. The day concludes at 4:00pm

This is a Dana event. All proceeds going to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

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