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Southern Region Sangha Day

imageSunday 13th November 2016

10.30am – 4.30pm

Cost £12.00 – Registration essential

Please bring vegetarian lunch to share
Southern Region Sangha Day
“beyond self and other”

A Day on Sangha, Integration and Awareness
How does being part of a Sangha help us to integrate and become True Individuals? To begin with we may only experience the Sangha as a group, something we want to belong to, something we fear rejection from, or something we reject and want to assert our independence from. Perhaps all at the same time……

It’s the friendships and the difficulties which help us go beyond this, learning to trust the Dharma and ourselves and the vision of the Spiritual Community.

Sangharakshita says that the Bodhicitta arises out of the tension between going deeply inwards and going strongly out into the world. Both require courage. Both lead to deeper integration and ultimately to Insight, to a state where we really have gone beyond any sense of ‘me in here’ versus ‘you out there’.

We’d like to spend a day exploring this, with talks and meditations and ritual. The main talk in the morning will be by Vijayamala, drawing on her long experience of practice, and we’re planning three more short talks in the afternoon, speakers to be announced….

Langton Green Village Hall
Langton Green
Tunbridge Wells

Directions from Tunbridge Wells

Take the A264 towards East Grinstead, drive through Langton Green and turn right at the crossroads by the Hare on the Green Pub into Speldhurst Road. Take the second on the left to the Village Hall. There is ample parking at the venue

If you’re coming by train you can get a taxi from outside the station for £10.60 for four people – which is cheaper than the bus would be – if there was one running at that time of the morning which there isn’t – so buddy up if you can

Langton Green Village Hall is a recently built, modern facility for the local community. The main hall can seat 100 people and there are two further rooms together with a large kitchen. The hall is centrally heated throughout, modern WC facilities with disabled access. There is parking for 100 cars

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