Try looking in the monthly archives. December 2016

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Free Mobile Web Meditation App

In order to develop my regular practice at home I wrote a meditation app that provides an easy way to access guided meditations and timed practice bells. As well as guided meditations from Padmapriya there are also talks from Also included […]

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The Four Reminders – Reflection on Death

This is the second of the four mind-turning reflections. According to the Buddhist way of thinking, death, far from being a subject to be shunned and avoided, is the key that unlocks the seeming mystery of life. It is by […]

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The Four Reminders – This Precious Opportunity

Reflecting on the four reminders, or mind-turning reflections, is a great way to strengthen your regular practice. Some people like to keep a copy of them by their shrine and refer to them daily so I thought I’d look them up […]

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