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Buddhafield South East Camping Retreats

Booking Open for 2017 retreats

Buddhafield South East is very pleased to announce that booking is now open for our 2017 retreats

Book soon for our Spring retreat on the bank holiday weekend 28th April to 1st May and join Sahajatara and the team to explore …

“Green Buddha, Green Man. All life is interconnected.”

It is said that the god Indra had a wonderful net, and this net was made entirely of strings of jewels . Each jewel in the net reflected not only every other jewel in the net, but also their reflections, and the reflections of the reflections …

‘To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower…’ (William Blake)

Sangharakshita was once asked, “What must happen before Buddhism can really flourish in this country?”

He replied, “There must first be a revival of paganism.”

This weekend explores how connecting with our pagan roots breathes life into our practice of the Dharma, and that seeing ever more deeply into interconnectedness is not only more important today then it has ever been, but can also lead us to Enlightenment itself.

If you would like to know more or book for this and our Summer and Autumn retreats then please visit our website:


We would love to see you if you can join us.

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