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Jack’s Dharma Life Appeal

Men’s dharma life course Adhisthana fundraising appeal

My name is Jack Stephenson, I’m 23 and live in the borough of Croydon. I would love to be able to dedicate myself day in and day out to the Buddhist path and this course is an opportunity to do just that!

Living and working at Adhisthana for five months would be a privilege and an opportunity to form strong bonds and friendships with other Buddhists. This is a dream opportunity!

I have been offered a place on condition that i am able to raise 2000 pounds towards to course costs. I am currently out of work, but actively volunteering within the Triratna Buddhist community. I will be grateful for any help to raise the funds.

You can help me by donating to my gofundme page (link bellow) or to me directly.




The course aims to give you a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of Triratna Buddhism and you will have the opportunity to live an intense and full-time Dharma life for 5 months. It will be fully residential, and you will be living in a designated community space at Adhisthana. Community living is an important part of the course and you will be sharing a room whilst you are here. As well as a series of retreats, and intensive study of the Dharma, the course will include some skills training, such as debating and giving talks, as well as an ongoing exploration of the arts. You will also participate in the life of the Adhisthana community, meditating with them on a daily basis and worshiping together. There will also be a daily work period to help with the maintenance and development of Adhisthana as well as to give you a taste of work as a spiritual practice.”

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