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Who are Triratna?

  • On this site: Triratna profiled
  • Triratna’s main website: TheBuddhistCentre.com
  • Triratna Centres usually own a building where they can host activities most days of the week. They have plenty of Order members who can lead meditation classes, run study groups, organise special events and so on.
  • Triratna Groups usually rent space to host typically one activity per week and a smallish number of single days per year. They are usually run by two or three Order Members, occasionally more. Some groups are run as outreach extensions of Centres and are funded by their parent Centres. Other groups run independently and have to find their own funding.

Who are Triratna East Surrey?

  • Triratna East Surrey is an independent Triratna Group relying on donations from those who attend. We do have a friendly connection with the Croydon Buddhist Centre. We teach the same meditations that other Triratna Centres and Groups do. If we talk about Buddhism (which isn’t much or often) it’s from the same perspective that other Triratna Centres and Groups do.

What do we do?

        • We run a once-a-week meditation group most weeks of the year, but meetings are currently suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. See Find Us – When and where? for when and where we’ll meet when we can safely resume.
        • We are hoping to run an online alternative to our normal meetings – details will be posted here as soon as possible.
        • We occasionally run one-off events like a Going Deeper day, or on festive occasions a Curry Night. None are scheduled at present.

What to expect at our weekly meetings.